IK Foam Pro 12


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Professional sprayer to generate foam, with an optional valve for compressed air, especially designed for applications that require the use of blowing agents. Thanks to its capacity, it is suitable for use on large surfaces or for large vehicles.



Sectors in which to use:

Cleaning and disinfectionAutomotive and detailing


Products with which to use:

optimal – Foaming agents



“The IK FOAM Pro experience creates a unique and satisfying sensation. Thanks to its precision and design, you will be able to generate the foam that best suits your needs.”



Technical information:


Valve 4-bar setting with automatic pressure release option
Standard nozzles Special nozzle with fan-type foam
Nozzle 47cm fibreglass
Usable capacity 6l. – 1,58 U.S. Gals.
Total capacity 10l. – 2,64 U.S Gals.
Gross weight 2,99 Kg – 6,59 lbs.
Net weight 2,57 Kg – 5,66 lbs.


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